Friday, April 16, 2010

which browser to use?

Thanks to Jason Calacanis via his buzz today, there is actual evidence to indicate which web browser has the chops to take the prize.

Many have told me that they prefer Firefox, but I think that is due to them having familiarity with it. I will tell you that Firefox has the greatest amount of plug ins and additional features. One of my associates typically has so much turned on in Firefox that his computer grinds to near halt when he opens the 'fox'.

Nevertheless, I say you try using Chrome if you have not yet because it really does a nice job of running quickly on your computer whether it is mac or pc. There have been times that some renders of websites were not formatted correctly, that I would say is due to the developer of the web site not coding specifically for Chrome but the speed increase and the stability advantages are there.

One distinction is that the separate tabs (in tabbed browsing) are kept as separate processes in the OS so that if one window crashes, it does not take the whole browser down.

Give it a try if you have not already!

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