Monday, January 11, 2010

Nexus One

Everyone is talking to me about the Nexus One. People who are not typically tech connected or tech savvy or tech friendly have heard of this and wonder if it is good.


Various sites are now indicating woes with 3G usage with Nex 1 on T-mobile. This is to be expected. The kind of data usage that the typical customer of this product will use is much higher than typical blackberry users. Of the PDA toting population I would say that iPhone users are a high data usage bunch whereas the blackberry toting brood will be using much less data as the prime usage is email text. Of course there are variations of this but clearly TMo will face the same challenges that AT&T faced with iPhone users.

Based upon the comments from the last 48 hours, users with HTC G1's and Nex1's have commented that the G1 will show high signal strength 3G whereas the Nex1 right next to it will show no 3G service, only edge. This leads me to conclude that TMo has now partitioned the network for the new Nex1 which is probably a good strategy unless you are a Nex1 user. This is a parallel to the set of circumstances which iPhone users face on AT&T's network, a strategy which contains the bottlenecking of the network to one segment of the user community.

That said, it is expected that with the new 1700 Mhz spectrum which TMo uses in US being of low contention, there should be resolution to this problem quickly as opposed to the conditions which AT&T us facing with their 3G spectrum. Read one for the original comments...

Well, here is what I think:

For the typical phone users - mostly talking, small amount of SmS, hardly ever use the camera, etc. score: -5 (you don't need to carry a phone this big if all you do is talk on your phone)

For the average cell phone user - voice calls, SMS savvy, light web browsing, camera user. Score: 5 (you probably don't need a phone with all these features)

For the tech lover - voice calls, SMS savvy, Email accounts, moderate to heavy web browsing, facebook photo uploading, installing applications or iphone users: Score: 60

That's right, if you are a feature user, the HTC Nexus One is a great choice. I can't score higher (max is 100) because the T-Mobile 3G is not certain with this device. Currently there are complaints from users regarding the availability of "3G" service with annoying switching between edge/3G causing slow data connections.

This said, I am sure that T-Mo will fix this problem, HTC is a very good Smartphone manufacturer so resources for correction will be good and finally, Google will want this product to function with strength.

Main issue: Highly popular network devices which use a lot of bandwidth will cause challenges to the carrier. Kind of like the issues the iPhone has caused for AT&T in population dense NYC and SF. You guys/gals in MPLS don't have issues with connectivity with your iphones right?


Smithers said...

You guys/gals in MPLS don't have issues with connectivity with your iphones right?

no, as long as I have a signal. which I don't always have at home.

matt duffin said...

Like the look of the blog- its about time Lew-isms had their own blog.