Friday, January 29, 2010

more iPad

Ok so this thing is more in the news than Obama is. To get a full perspective of this phenomenon known as ipad, first view this:

That sets the tone for the likely rub which will occur from the naming of the new apple tablet. Next view the range of humor which is possible:

Now you see what I am talking about. This thing is going to be a laughingstock right? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps in the new era of branding, Apple is trying to hook you in by paralleling the product next to the potential parodies possible. Perhaps this is genius. Perhaps this thing will sell 4 million units before 4th quarter.

Many techno bloggers have panned the device for a variety of reasons which mostly center around missing features, lack of Verizon, lack of multithreaded apps, you know the drill.

What a bunch of complainers. This thing is going to smoke the Kindle Deluxe out of the water. It is only $10 more than the KinDLX. That alone should give this product legs.

But for those who really are interested in the future of the product, I have it on good authority that the next gen will have the capacity to run multiple apps at the same time. I believe it will be called the ipad 2. It is pictured here:

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